Current research projects include: 

(1) The adaptive basis of conspecific brood parasitism and parental tactics in waterbirds, particularly several species of coots (Fulica) breeding in North and South America (with Dai Shizuka for North America, with Alejandro Pietrek for South America)

(2) The evolution of ornamented offspring through parental choice in the genus Fulica (with John Eadie, Dai Shizuka and Alejandro Pietrek)

(3) The ecology and evolution of obligate brood parasitism in the black-headed duck of Argentina (with John Eadie) READ MORE

(4) Social signals and mating systems in lazuli and lark buntings in western North America (with Alexis Chaine (lark) and Erick Greene (lazuli))

(5) Winter social ecology of migratory golden-crowned sparrows (with Alexis Chaine, Dai Shizuka & PhD student Theadora Block)

(6) Conspecific brood parasitism in wood ducks (with John Eadie)